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Katie Foley


Words to live by:

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

CONSULTs with katie:

  • Adoption 101
  • Adoption Eligibility
  • Types of Adoption
  • Moving from Fertility Treatments to Adoption
  • Single Parent Adoption
  • LGBT Adoption
  • Adoption Paperwork 101


Did you know that right now there are about 100,000 children in the US who are in need of adoption? Let that sink in for a minute. Adoption is a wonderful option for parents who want to grow their families beyond biological children. Katie Foley, a social worker, has experience working in both domestic and international adoption at the prestigious Spence-Chapin Agency. She has helped a variety of families—married couples, unmarried couples, single parents and LGBT couples—to find the children that they have wanted for so long. She has a real heart for “hard to place” children (older kids, siblings, and special needs children), and she says that seeing the overwhelming joy of parents when they finally meet their child is a life-changing experience. If adoption has crossed your mind, you need to know all of your options. The process and paperwork may be daunting (it’s there to protect the kids), but Katie will tell you that finding your newest family member is totally possible and will happen for you (with a little patience). There is no greater gift you can give in life than a loving home to a child.