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(recommended for parents of infants 4-8 months old) 2 hours

Taught by a certified child and family sleep consultant specializing in pediatric behavioral coaching.  We cover sleep basics like ideal sleep environments, circadian rhythms, sleep crutches and associations, naps and bedtime routines.  Learn to recognize your child's tired and well-rested cues.  We will introduce you to techniques that will help you implement a sleep plan that syncs with your family's unique needs. In our Master Class version a special guest will join to share her real life sleep experiences, in this conversational workshop!

Topics include:

  • Basics of healthy sleep habits

  • Circadian rhythms, cortisol, melatonin and how they play into your baby's sleep routine

  • Creating an ideal sleep environment

  • Learning your baby's tired and well-rested cues

  • Habits to encourage and habits to avoid, sleep crutches, sleep associations

  • Understanding sleep training and selecting a method that is best for you

  • Creating and tailoring your own sleep plan

Group Class Cost: $150 per seat (select quantity below)

sleep training class






image by @catherinejkim