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Preconceive Basics

What is Preconceive?

Preconceive is a nationwide service that supports hopeful, expecting and new parents through fertility, pregnancy and parenthood.

Anyone can book Preconceive services through our website. We are also available as an employer sponsored benefit, to learn more about this service click here.

What services does Preconceive provide?

Preconceive provides home appointments in breastfeeding/lactation, childbirth, infant cpr, and newborn care. Preconceive also provides phone appointments for fertility coaching, nutrition (fertility, prenatal, and postnatal), genetics education, adoption, infant sleep coaching, and emotional support.

Does Preconceive support LGBTQ, single parents and fathers as well as mothers?

Absolutely, Preconceive supports any person who is a hopeful, expecting or new parent. Our coaches are screened for and chosen for their ability to work with all new families.

What is the Preconceive Account for Families?

The Preconceive Account for Families is completely free and allows you access to all Preconceive services.

Where are Preconceive home appointments available?

Preconceive home appointments are currently available in the following metropolitan areas and their suburbs: Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco. We are always adding new cities so send us a note at if you or your organization is interested in bringing Preconceive to town.

How do I Book an appointment?

Step 1 - Create an account

Step 2 - Specify if you are joining Preconceive Account for Families or joining an Employer Sponsored Account. If joining an Employer Sponsored Account you will be added to your specific employer plan after verification of your email address.

Step 3 - Click Book Now in the Navigation Bar or on your employer’s unique URL

Step 4 - If your account's profile details pop up on the screen, click “Visit” next to your account name

Step 5 - Browse the Preconceive appointment options

Step 6 - Click “Book Now” on the appointment (choose your location for a home appointment)

Step 7 - Choose a date and time that works for you

Step 8 - Fill out the form regarding your appointment (Name, phone, email, and appointment topic details)

Step 9 - Insert payment details and any unique redemption codes into “Redeem Access Code”

Step 10 - Answer your call for your phone appointment or answer the door for your home appointment.

How does Preconceive select their Coaches?

We believe that you deserve support that is both evidence-based and presented in a kind and relatable manner. Preconceive Coaches are screened for clinical knowledge, experience, and last but not least, kindness and empathy. Each provider is screened for skill sets and qualities that are appropriate for their field. Click here for more details on the credentials of all Preconceive coaches.

Only 1 in every 10 applicants is chosen to become a Preconceive Coach.


Preconceive Accounts

As an employer how do I get my employees signed up for Preconceive?

If you are interested in learning more about Preconceive services, we’d be happy to speak with you. Please sign up here to schedule an introductory call.

As an employee with access to Preconceive benefits how do I start?

If your employer is offering Preconceive benefits, begin by creating an account. In your account's profile information please include your employer based email address in the indicated area. Your employer based email address is only used to verify your employment. Your Preconceive profile and booking information will never be shared with your employer.

What if I want to book a Preconceive service that is not covered by my employer?

If your employer doesn’t cover all Preconceive services you may request to add the Preconceive Account for Families to your Preconceive account profile. With the Preconceive Account for Families you will have access to book all Preconceive services on your own.

What do I do if my Account profile details pop up before booking?

If you see your account profile details pop up on the screen - click “Visit” next to the name of your account or membership.

Which Coach or Appointment is best for me?

Not sure where to start? Give us a shout out - send over a chat from the tool in the bottom right of your screen. Our support team will figure out the best appointment options and pick an appropriate starting point for you. To learn more about our amazing coaches click here.

Can I only access Preconceive through my employer?

No, any person can book Preconceive services through the Preconceive Account for Families. To begin, create a Preconceive account and select Preconceive Account for Families. The Preconceive Account for Families is completely free and allows you access to all Preconceive services.

What happens after I book my Appointment?

After you complete your booking your Preconceive Coach will call you for your phone appointment or ring your doorbell if you book a home appointment. In order to be prepared, Preconceive Coaches may contact you before your appointment through the contact information shared during booking.



Other Details

Can I communicate with my Preconceive Coach after my Appointment?

If your Coach feels your that your follow up questions warrant additional detail beyond a text message or short email, within and/or after the follow up period, they reserve the right to request another Appointment. Coaches reserve the right to refer you to another Preconceive service if they feel your needs are outside of their specialty. Preconceive Coaches cannot provide medical advice, second opinions or prescriptions and may refer you back to your primary care physician, OB/GYN or pediatrician.

If you continue to have questions or need support after your follow up period, we highly suggest booking another appointment with your Preconceive Coach.

How do I cancel or reschedule an Appointments?

Preconceive Appointments cancelled within 72 hours prior to the appointment will be given a full refund and given access to re-book the appointment. To cancel your appointment please follow the directions in your booking confirmation email from Preconceive. To reschedule your appointment you must first cancel your appointment and then re-book through the Preconceive site.

Refunds are usually visible in your account 5-7 business days after approval.