Straight to the point: a step-by-step guide to self-injections

Stabbing yourself with a sharp object might not seem like a thrilling proposition. We get it. 

We asked fertility expert Maryanne Williams Pitman, RN, CCRP, for a straight to the point (pun intended) guide on the how-to of self-injections.  Here’s her simple twelve-step guide:

1. Assemble everything you need on a clean, dry surface.

2. Wash and dry hands thoroughly (Shoot for 30 seconds of bubbles).

3. Pick an injection site. Common sites include: abdomen below the belly button, thigh, or upper outer arm. 

4. Verify the dosage your provider prescribed.

5. Dial in the dose on the injector (ie: 150 IU or 225 IU).

6. Prepare the skin site by using an alcohol wipe. Swipe in an expanding circular motion.

7. Let the site air dry.

8. Uncap the needle.

9. Firmly pinch about an inch of belly fat (or fat at desired injection site) between the fingers of your non-dominant hand.

10. Inject the needle into the pinched fat and depress the injector button. Tip: The action of injecting is all in the wrist. Don’t hesitate, work swiftly, and pinch firmly. It’ll be easy and over before you know it.

11. Blot the injection site with a clean tissue and carefully dispose of the needle-most medication deliveries come with a sharps container for disposal of the syringe.

12.  Relax! All done.