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Once you sign up you will be invited to classes with other preconceive parents expecting at the same time as you and who live nearby.  #builtincrew  

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How does it work?

Preconceive classes are members only.  It's free to become a member.  Just sign up above.  After you sign up you will get access to the class schedule, be able to sign up for classes that pertain to your stage of pregnancy or your baby's age and be invited to members only events.  


We've been doing prenatal classes for while now.  And here's what we've learned.  

1.  These classes make the most sense when you take them at the right time, with other people taking them at the right time.  

2.  It's nice to have a group of people who have children the same age as yours who live nearby.  And those will be the people in your class.  

Looking for a private class?

Check out our private appointments, a Preconceive Coach will come right to your front door!