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Gabrielle Heilman


Words to live by:

"Seeking support, gathering information, and learning to be your own best advocate can help to empower you on this journey."


  • Understanding Test Results
  • Egg Freezing 101
  • Fertility Medications 101
  • Retrieval and Transfer Overview
  • Cycle Prep
  • Third Party Reproductive Options
  • Navigating LGBT Options
  • Injection Tips

ABOUT Gabrielle:

Struggling with your fertility can be all-consuming, and can feel very isolating. Gabrielle knows – she’s been there. A career nurse, who has been working in women’s health and fertility for almost 12 years, Gabrielle has seen the field evolve and improve in unbelievable ways. She has worked at some of the country’s leading fertility centers, and has worked with some of the top physicians in the field. She brings the perspective of an experienced clinical nurse who has encountered practically every scenario imaginable, as well as the perspective of someone who has been in the patient’s seat. Gabrielle now has three children, but never forgets the uncertainty and pain that came before. She uses her unique perspective to help guide her clients through this process with as much support as possible, in whatever way you need that support. Whatever your question or concern, and whatever has brought you to this point, Gabrielle is here to address it and help guide you through this journey in a calm, informed, and empowering way.