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Cara dal Nogare


Words to live by:

I'm motivated for patients to have a positive experience and an active experience in pregnancy rather than “having pregnancy happen to you."

Consults with cara:

  • Childbirth 101
  • Preparing for Labor and Delivery 
  • Preparing for a Planned C-Section 
  • Pregnancy with Multiples
  • Postpartum Recovery 101

About Cara:

Having a baby can be such a whirlwind experience, it may feel like pregnancy is "happening to you", rather than you feeling in control of the process. Cara dal Nogare, a nurse practitioner and midwife, wants you to have an active experience during your pregnancy. She thinks it's super important for patients to understand what is happening to them in order to have a really positive birth and postpartum life. She loves talking about pregnancy and teaching new moms the basics to help make their entry into parenthood less stressful. She will be compassionate, casual, and honest with you as she answers all of your questions and guides you through the entire birthing process.