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Aisling Whelan


Words to live by:

"Choosing the right foods can improve all aspects of your life including your sleep, your sense of wellbeing, and your energy. The health of your kids starts with you!"



  • Nutrition for Conception
  • First Trimester Nutrition
  • Second Trimester Nutrition
  • Third Trimester Nutrition
  • Eliminating a Food Group During Pregnancy
  • Intro to Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Postpartum Weight Loss
  • Postpartum Nutrition for Stress and Mood Management
  • Postpartum Nutrition for Healing and Sleep
  • Babies First Foods
  • Gestational Diabetes 101
  • Feeding Your Newborn
  • Nutrition for Breastfeeding

About Aisling:

It may seem counter-intuitive for a nutritionist to be obsessed with food. They are supposed to help you limit the foods you eat, right? Not Aisling Whelan. She got into nutrition because of her passion for food, and she is a self-proclaimed foodie who tries all kinds of exotic fare. She loves helping people find a balance between healthy eating and variety to improve their health and the health of their families. For people who are pregnant or trying to conceive, Aisling feels strongly about optimizing your own health first to ensure the health of your future children. If you are already a parent, you have the opportunity to influence your children’s relationship with food, which could impact their lifelong health. She can help you identify and remove the barriers to a healthy lifestyle, set attainable goals, and empower you to make positive choices about food. Her enthusiasm for food and her motivating style bring new meaning to the phrase “zest for life!”