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Molly Rieger


Words to live by:

“Everyone has a different lifestyle. You want to find the right balance of foods and nutrients, and if you exercise, you need time to relax. Take time to yourself and don’t just go from one thing to the next without taking a minute.”



  • Nutrition for Conception
  • First Trimester Nutrition
  • Second Trimester Nutrition
  • Third Trimester Nutrition
  • Eliminating a Food Group During Pregnancy
  • Intro to Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Postpartum Weight Loss
  • Postpartum Nutrition for Stress and Mood Management
  • Postpartum Nutrition for Healing and Sleep
  • Babies First Foods
  • Gestational Diabetes 101
  • Feeding Your Newborn
  • Nutrition for Breastfeeding

About Molly:

When a lot of people hear the word “nutrition,” they think about what they can’t or shouldn’t eat. Molly Rieger wants to change that mindset and help you think differently about eating. She is a registered dietician with a Masters from NYU, and her philosophy is to focus on adding the good things that are missing from your diet, rather than letting you feel guilty about what you shouldn’t eat. She thinks that food should make you feel good, and that you should always feel in control when it comes to eating. You can still have things that you love, but it’s important to add healthy things as well to achieve balance. Molly also understands the interconnectivity of nutrition, exercise, water and sleep. She strives to help her clients find balance in their entire lifestyle and to be aware of everything that is going on in their lives. In order to make a sustainable change, women must take into account the whole picture, and Molly can help you find a holistic approach.