Goldilocks' Guide to Feeding

New to life with a little one? They eat, a lot. All the time, really. Almost. You're probably a little are we.

Too much? Too little? Just right? 

Okay, Goldilocks. We've got you covered.  Here's our quick guide to feeding and hunger cues, put together by our resident baby lover, Jen Lovallo, MSN, APRN, CPNP.

•    Rooting, sucking, hand movements
•    Hand-to-mouth movements
•    Lip smacking
•    Smiling and cooing towards caregiver during feeding
•    Fast/excited arm and leg movements
•    Opening mouth  and moving towards close objects
•    Crying (late sign)

•    Turning away from nipple, bottle, or spoon
•    Refusing nipple, bottle, or spoon
•    Slowing pace of eating
•    Becoming fussy during feeding
•    Falling asleep during feeding
•    Spitting up

(Remember: It’s most important to base feeding off recognizing cues, not numbers.)
•    Breastfed infants: 8-12 times in 24 hours (a lot!)
•    Formula-fed infants: about 2 ounces every 2-3 hours
•    Birth to 2 months old: about 20 ounces/day, range: 16-24 ounces/day
•    2 months and up: 4-6 ounces per feeding, about 31 ounces/day, range: 26 to 36 ounces