Newborn Necessities: The Real Deal on the Must-Haves

What, the $10K registry total left you feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re right there with you.

Some of these lists can get a little extensive and extravagant (um, baby butt fans and poop alarms?!), so we’ve asked our resident baby whisperer, Jen Lovallo, MSN, APRN, CPNP, what should really make the cut. 

1. Unscented baby wipes: Fragrance can irritate your baby’s sensitive bum, and let’s be honest: lavender-scented poop does not make the moment any more pleasant.

2. New car seat: Hand-me-downs are great for a lot of (perhaps most) baby items, but the car seat is one thing you should purchase brand new. Besides the fact that the safety regulations change every few months, seats get banged up with the endless in-and-out, and car seats are notoriously hard to clean deep in the crevices. You really want to put your babe in a seat that has aged pea puree crusted in the buckle? 

3. Extra fitted crib sheets: Babies spit up a lot, and diapers have been known to leak. You’ll need a few of these puppies to get you through the week.

4. Never too many diapers: You’ve heard your newborn will go through about 6 diapers a day? Plan for 12. Don’t get caught in a sh*tstorm without a lifeboat! 

5. Breast pump: Not the most glamorous thing to include on your registry, but your boobs will be eternally thankful. Don’t question it.

6.  Baby thermometer: As a new mom, you’ll have anxiety about your baby’s health every day for at least the first year of his or her life. This will be a little gut check to keep you from calling baby’s provider every few hours.

7. Diaper cream: Ugly rashes be gone. Enough said.

8. Portable changing pad: Once you and your baby are mobile, you never know when you’ll need a pit stop. Ease your mind about those nasty public bathroom counters by keeping it in tow (disinfecting wet wipes are always a plus).

9. Receiving blankets: Perfect for swaddling and easy to clean, you’ll go through these faster than you can say “baby burrito (see burrito instructions here)”.

10. Soft washcloths/cloth diapers/burp cloths: Buy ‘em by the dozen. You’ll use/destroy/wash so many of these, you’ll be glad you have 78 backups. Believe us: you’ll be thankful your shoulder doesn’t look like a war zone.