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Preconceive Prenatal Classes are evidence based, conversational, and taught by certified experts.  Oh yeah, and also, they're fun.

Our curriculum is curated with an editorial voice in round table discussions with a variety of health experts.  We give you the need to knows in English on the topics you want most.  Our content is unique and you won't find it anywhere else.  You in?  We'd love to have you.  Sign up to get invited!

Preconceive Classes


Breastfeeding 101 :


A Board Certified Lactation consultant will teach you the essentials for successful breastfeeding. We will cover common challenges, solutions, and breast pumping basics.

$150 per seat


Childbirth 101 :

A Certified Nurse Practitioner-Midwife will walk you through the labor and delivery process both medicated, and un-medicated.  She will cover the details of a Caesarian birth and also postpartum recovery.

$150 per seat



An American Heart Association certified CPR Instructor will equip you for an emergency situation and teach you how to perform CPR on an infant.

$150 per seat



A Pediatric Nurse will guide you through all the basics of newborn care, from learning baby’s cues, to help with bathing, diapering, soothing, and sleeping. 

$150 per seat


dudes to dads:

In this class tailored specifically for fathers, we will guide you through all the basics of newborn care, from learning baby’s cues, to help with bathing, diapering, soothing, and sleeping.

$150 per seat


perinatal fitness:

A Certified Perinatal Fitness Instructor, will help you build strength and endurance before or after labor. 

$25 per person


prenatal nutrition :

Can I eat this?  A common question during pregnancy.  Our nutritionists will help you make smart choices in each trimester, discuss healthy weight gain, manage morning sickness and more. 

$150 per seat


Breastfeeding workshop:

Bring your breasts, bring your friends.  Like a support group, but cooler. Our lactation consultant helps you troubleshoot in this one hour session for breastfeeding moms.  Ask questions, make friends.  

$50 per seat


Sleep training:

A Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach will walk you through creating a healthy sleep environment, routine and ultimately create a sleep plan that fits your parenting style.

$150 per seat




Preconceive classes are members only.  It's free to become a member.  Just sign up below.  After you sign up you will get access to the class schedule, be able to sign up for classes that pertain to your stage of pregnancy or your baby's age and be invited to members only events.  

WHY the sign up?

We've been doing prenatal classes for while now.  And here's what we've learned.  

1.  These classes make the most sense when you take them at the right time, with other people taking them at the right time.  

2.  It's nice to have a group of people who have children the same age as yours who live nearby.  And those will be the people in your class.  






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