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  • Highly recommend this as a go-to resource to save time and get informed quickly!
    — AC, Brooklyn, NY
  • I am forever grateful to pre-conceive.com, the resources will assist in getting you closer to your goals of becoming a parent.
    — ML, Long Island, NY
  • ... my doctor was impressed... my conversation at Preconceive helped me understand, contemplate, evaluate and decide.
    — KL, via Google reviews
  • ...the childbirth class was wonderful, I loved that there was a medical professional, I recommend attending...
    — ML, Long Island, NY


From the very start Maryanne became someone that I could count on for her up to date medical knowledge but even more so as someone to encourage and help me through the uphill battles that come with infertility treatments. She has a soothing demeanor and a friendly approach to giving advice when you need it the most. I quickly felt at ease knowing I could trust Maryanne to be there when I didn't know something or what to do in a time sensitive pinch especially when the doctors office was not available for guidance. I consider Maryanne a friend now and someone that played an essential role in why my story has two precious happy endings. I am forever grateful to her for the support, knowledge, and strength she gave to me when I need it the most.

- ML, Long Island, NY

When going through infertility treatments you tend to read all sorts of information about what to eat and not to eat to help with success rates. It quickly became a weird game of whether or not I could trust the information I was reading and that's where Molly comes in as an amazing resource. Molly talked me through some concerns I had about diet during my treatments.  She has specific knowledge to offer when. It came to what snacks were healthy and what my daily diet should consist of.  She also eased my mind when go through different stages of treatment to know what my body needed to keep me strong and healthy. Molly is quick to respond to emails and she fully answered each question. She knows her stuff and if not she is quick to find out the latest and greatest resourceful knowledge. 

- ML, Long Island, NY

It was a huge help to chat with Sarah [Rueven] about nutrition when trying to conceive.  She had great knowledge to share, which helped me tweak my eating habits to be more hospitable to baby-making!  Definitely put my mind at ease and saved me from having to scour the Internet only to find conflicting information. Highly recommend this as a go-to resource to save time and get informed quickly! 

- AC, Brooklyn, NY

A year ago, I was contemplating freezing my eggs. Prior to beginning the process and picking the facility, I wanted to speak to a medical professional informally to understand what I should be looking for (in a facility) and what to expect during an egg freezing cycle. As egg freezing is not hugely popular, I did not have anyone within my network in which I could ask these questions to. I used Preconceive and had a 30 min session with Sarah Fricke (RN). I was able to ask any/all questions I had. By the time, I started the process, my doctor was impressed about how highly informed and how sure I was of my decision. It was through my diligence, which included my conversation with Sarah at Preconceive, that helped me understand, contemplate, evaluate and decide. 

- KL, via Google reviews


When attending the childbirth class I was initially not sure what to expect but it was wonderful. The approach to the class was to give your brain a play by play of what it is like to birth a baby or multiple babies. Also I loved that there was a medical professional there plus two knowledgeable moms with their own very different personal experiences. The three panelist dove into what to expect from pregnancy to the day your new bundle of joy arrives. I felt very comfortable asking questions and nothing was off limits so I left feeling like I was that much more ready for the big day. I recommend attending as a couple because they cover the role of each parent during the birthing experience. The panelist gave every point of view and did not come across opinionated on specific approaches to bring your baby into the world. 

- ML, Long Island, NY (Childbirth 101 Class)


Rosanna was great, very helpful and made [class] comfortable. 

- Anonymous, UES, NYC (Breastfeeding 101 Class)


I had the pleasure of speaking to Rosanna [IBCLC] over the phone with regard to my concerns with breastfeeding and pumping for my 2 week old Twins.  There are a lot of emotions when attempting to feed your baby or babies especially early on and I felt that Rosanna gave me a sense of control that made me feel more at ease.  She took her time discussing the basics of breastfeeding and what to expect and dove right in to answer each of my many questions. I felt like I had a cheerleader telling me I can do it and what tricks to try when I was struggling. She is very knowledgeable and does a great job with following up with resources via text/email and directed me on what I could use to assist in my plan to feed the babies successfully. 

- ML, Long Island, NY 

I am forever grateful to pre-conceive.com and I know the resources will assist in getting you closer to your goals of becoming a parent, if you give it a try.

- ML, Long Island, NY

I love one-one consults and Margot is the absolute best!  So helpful and feels like a conversation. - ML, UES, NYC