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Carolina Romanyuk

Words to live by:

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

Consults with carolina:

  • Basics: Naps
  • Basics: Sleeping Through the Night
  • Basics: Time Changes, Vacations and Travel
  • Basics: Sleep Routine for 4-8 mos
  • Basics: Sleep Routine for 9-12 mos
  • Basics: Sleep Routine for 13-18 mos
  • Basics: Sleep Routine for 19-24 mos
  • Encouraging Good Sleeping Habits and Breaking Bad Habits

About Carolina:

You never thought you could be so excited yet so exhausted with your new child. Sometimes it takes a little extra coaching to get your new baby on the right sleep schedule. Carolina Romanyuk is a Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant, specializing in pediatric sleep hygiene and behavioral coaching. Carolina is based in New York City and has dedicated her career to reducing sleep deprivation. She has written for many popular parenting blogs, and has even used her own methods to help her own family get a good night's sleep! Carolina is the go-to-expert for many new and working parents. So whether you're returning to work or you just want a bit of shut-eye, Carolina will get your family on track for those Zzz's.